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KUHN Loading Systems

KUHN Loading Systems is active on the market as a general agent for Palfinger loading cranes, Epsilon timber cranes, Palift container hookloaders, Bison aerial work platforms, and Mitsubishi forklifts (diesel and electric) capable of handling workloads of between 1.5 to 15 metric tons.

International service competence

KUHN Loading Systems offers its customers the kind of security only a strong partner is capable of providing. Eight service centers in Austria as well as fourteen subsidiaries with thirty-four branch establishments in neighboring countries guarantee a high level of service competence and cost effectiveness resulting from the reliable availability of a full range of products and parts.

A truck crane center of excellence and the distribution center for new cranes and forklifts is located at KUHN Loading Systems headquarters in Vöcklabruck, Austria. The entire system of logistics for spare parts is controlled from here. A sophisticated logistics system for KUHN service centers, online connections between the various establishments inside and outside of Austria, as well as highly trained and motivated employees give our customers the assurance that their investments will continue to be good value for money over the long term.

Large crane projects and special applications implemented in Vöcklabruck have inspired the confidence of numerous companies from a wide range of different sectors. They are convinced not only by the quality of the systems manufactured but also by the competence of after-sales services.  KUHN is the market leader in Austria for crane systems and proud of the fact that it has implemented more than 35,000 crane-related projects in partnership with Palfinger.

KUHN Loading Systems' second core area of business activity is sales of and after-sales services for Mitsubishi forklifts and Palfinger-Bison aerial work platforms. KUHN is a leading supplier of combustion-engine and electrically powered forklifts in Austria, Hungary, and Poland. The reliability and competence of the KUHN After-Sales Organization, as well as the innovative products of Mitsubishi and their outstanding quality standard, enable KUHN to continuously expand their successful position in an ever-growing market.

A comprehensive range of guarantees and services give KUHN customers the certainty that their investment is secure and will pay for itself in the long run. The continued availability of a wide range of replacement parts many years after a machine has been purchased and KUHN's mobile service fleet guarantee that you will be able to avoid costly downtime.

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