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Powerscreen - Dry Screening

What is dry screening ?
Dry screening separates the material into two to six different size fractions. The material passes over a vibrating screen box that is fitted with screens with different mesh sizes to screen off the material into different size fractions.

The screened off material drops down onto conveyor belts which dump the processed material for use in the building and extraction industry.

POWERSCREEN mobile screening plants are mounted on a wheel or crawler chassis so that they can be driven directly to the point where the material is to be processed, thereby eliminating very costly material transporting operations on the building site.

For the past 40 years mobility has been the key to the success of the POWERSCREEN range of screening machines.

POWERSCREEN offers a complete program ranging from small to large mobile heavy-duty screening machines and high-capacity screening plants with exceptionally high throughput rates.

All POWERSCREEN screening machines are designed for simple operation, a long service life and highest productivity.

Typical screening examples:

  • Material broken by blasting
  • Broken material and grit
  • Building rubble and recycling material
  • Coal
  • Compost and soil
  • Overflow material and topsoil
  • Sand and gravel

Powerscreen - Washing Plants

Why is washing necessary?
Due to the ever increasing stringency of the specifications and requirements expected of the materials on modern building sites, and due to the limited availability of “perfect” natural materials, ever growing amounts of material have to be washed to remove fine particles, organic constituents, loam and other foreign matter.

POWERSCREEN, as the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile and semi-mobile screening machines, has always set international standards on the world market.
With the production of the very first MK I more than 40 years ago, right up to the very latest additions to the POWERSCREEN range, the company has continuously furnished convincing proof of its technical trend-setting status.

POWERSCREEN offers a comprehensive range of mobile and stationary washing systems that include, in addition to the stationary and mobile washing/screening boxes and machines, also the FINESMASTER and TRIDENT sand extraction and dewatering systems, POWERSCRUB scrubbers and various bins, feeding hoppers, landfill conveyor belts and control systems.

Typical washer applications include:

  • Sand and gravel for the building industry
  • Coal
  • Slag and problem materials
  • Dedusting and washing broken material
  • Recycling
  • All kinds of concrete and asphalt basic materials and additives
  • Processing fine materials from stone quarries and quarry dust
  • Ore processing
  • Dredged sand
  • Silicate sand for the glass industry
  • Sand for the construction of sports centers and playgrounds
  • Filtered sands
  • Various bulk materials that have to be washed

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